Accessing Services

Multipurpose Services are an integrated component of the Local Health Districts and the greater NSW Health system.
They work alongside other healthcare facilities to deliver the best healthcare possible, including Community Health Services, District Hospitals, Regional Health Services and Metropolitan Teaching or Tertiary Hospitals.

Tailoring healthcare to community needs

Small communities may have a local Community Health Service providing complementary health services. These can include child and family services, community nursing, immunisation, allied health, women’s health, oral health and podiatry.
A Multipurpose Service is classified as ’a small acute hospital in a rural or remote location’.  These facilities generally provide 24-hour drop-in or urgent care, inpatient beds, palliative and respite care, residential aged care, a range of primary, community and ambulatory care services, and provision for visiting specialists (or telehealth via video).
When access to additional services is required, people living in regional and remote NSW may travel or be transported to a District Hospital, to access additional services. Services at these hospitals include: a 24-hour emergency department, general medical ward, medical imaging, drug health services, rehabilitation, renal and chemotherapy units, and some surgical services.
Major regional centres offer Health Services, which support a wider geographical area. Health Services provide a greater range of specialised medical and surgical services, including: cardiac, gastroenterology, renal, maternity, orthopaedic and rehabilitation services.
People living in regional and remote NSW may sometimes travel to major Metropolitan Hospitals (statewide or tertiary teaching hospitals) for highly specialised surgery or treatment, such as neurosurgery or cardiac surgery, or severe burns treatment.
NSW Health provides a range of transport and travel assistance options for people who cannot use or have difficulty using public and or private transport or who are disadvantage by distance. For more information on travelling to access health services, visit: