Building For The Future

The Multipurpose Service model has been developed in response to local community needs.

The model aligns with the NSW Government’s broad policy aspirations to improve healthcare and infrastructure across the state.

Multipurpose Services are targeted at achieving the objectives of both the NSW State Health Plan and the NSW State Infrastructure Strategy.

The State Infrastructure Strategy 2014 – Rebuilding NSW – identifies the Multipurpose Service Program as a priority program.

The State Infrastructure Strategy ensures that, as communities and the economy grow, NSW residents have the best in health, as well as
water, transport, education, sports and arts infrastructure.

State infrastructure strategy - rebuilding nsw

The Government has reserved $297 million in Rebuilding NSW funds to accelerate delivery of the Multipurpose Service Program. Locations prioritised for investment are those with smaller populations that may not be able to sustain separate hospital, residential care, community health, and home care services.

In line with the State Infrastructure Strategy, the program will also focus on improving coordination of health and aged care services appropriate for isolated communities.

NSW State Health Plan

The NSW State Health Plan is the government’s framework for change, shaping the way health services are delivered in research, innovation, integrated care, eHealth and infrastructure. The Plan provides a framework for key directions and strategies that aim to achieve improved health care in NSW.
The Multipurpose Service program is being delivered as part of Strategy 4 of the Plan:

Strategy 4: Designing and building future focused infrastructure

NSW Health’s facilities are valued at $19 billion, and as more pressure is placed on the healthcare system, different approaches are required to effectively maintain, develop and manage these assets. Working in collaboration with Local Health Districts and Speciality Health Networks, a major construction and upgrade program is underway across both urban and regional NSW to establish healthcare precincts with public and private services.
Through its new and innovative models of care, the Multipurpose Services Program indirectly attributes to the success of the State Health Plan, through:
  • Direction 2: Providing world-class clinical care
  • Direction 3: Delivering truly integrated care
  • Strategy 3: Enabling e-health