About The Program

Multipurpose Services are local facilities that combine a range of health and aged care services. Each service is tailored to meet the community's unique clinical needs into the future.

New models of care

The demographic and social profile of rural and remote Australia has changed over the last 20 years.
These changes have influenced the way health care is delivered and funded. For example:

  • hospital stays are shorter
  • use of technology has expanded
  • more services are delivered in the community or close to home
  • older people are increasingly choosing to be cared for at home.

A new focus

Traditional hospital structures and models of care have changed to reflect evolving health needs in regional and remote environments. There is now a greater emphasis on primary health care, including health improvement and prevention programs, delivered in an integrated way. In small communities, more flexible service models are being delivered as part of a more client-focused approach, responsive to community needs.

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